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    Anyone used ODBC Drivers to get into DB2 for ESS


      We're using DB2 on an AS400. A former employee was able to create an ODBC driver on the AS400 and created a Java app to talk between the DB2 and FMSA12. I said former employee so I don't have access to his knowledge of how it works. I want to use ESS to connect to the two and eliminate the java app. Anyone out there using ESS with DB2? The FMSA12 is running on a Windows Server 2008.



      Dan Doughtie

      Augusta, GA

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          ESS does not support DB2.   It only supports specific versions of Oracle, MySQL and SQL Server.   Depending on what you are attempting to do, you may be able to use the Execute SQL SCRIPT Step to execute SQL statements against the DB2 server, and you can import data using the ODBC Import option with a functioning driver.  The ESS feature set is tied to just these few SQL databases at the moment.