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Puzzler - "Unable to open file" with CWP

Question asked by Mike_Mitchell Expert on Jan 9, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2013 by JoelShapiro

Hello all. I'm having difficulty with a CWP setup that has me stumped. Here's the situation:


I have a web site and back end database on my iMac running the developer Server license. The site works there. I upload the site and database to the hosting provider. The database works; I can log in using my credentials and the web credentials through the FileMaker client. The site works - almost; static content appears, and include files work. The catch is, I get an "Unable to open file" error every time the site tries to connect to the database.


I've checked all the normal stuff. Credentials are good. File permissions are good. The database and PHP code are exactly the same (because they were just uploaded from dev to production). So there's not a problem with hidden characters or something like that hosing up the parsing.


I checked the knowledge base and found this article:


but it doesn't seem to apply; I'm not trying to access the DB over IWP (in fact, there are no IWP-enabled accounts). The hosting provider tells me they're using Linux for the web server and Windows for the FileMaker server, which means a two-server (at least) setup. That appears to be the only major difference.


What might be the problem? Closed port 5003? Maybe a different version of the PHP engine? What am I missing?