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      A system I am working on, doing reno's and not the original developer, has a search palette using global fields that display various lists. It had been radio buttons but users seem to need checkboxes.

      I have been using GetValue($Param;$Count) to extract values in loops within the find request. (see attached).

      Currently I have a loop within a loop. Now they need a third parameter with multiple values. So I am considering a third loop - at the purple bar in the attached image, this should be doable but whenever I find myself writing code like this I suspect that I have missed something obvious.


      Is the loopcursion the best attack here?



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          There's nothing wrong with your plan, loops are the heart and soul of programming aren't they? in the process you may discover something which will allow you to simplify or to remodel the job.

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            Personally in this case, without knowing too much of the problem, it probably is OK.  If it performs well and is accurate then I wouldn't worry.


            As for loops within loops, in general. If you have x loops within y loops within z loops. You will be doing things x*y*z. So as x, y, and z get large, the number of calcuations you are doing will get really large.  IF you think of it as a function and graph it, your function would get large really quick. This is why people like recursion where you break things into groups like bubble sort for sorting. If this is interesting then check out Big O Notation.


            Michael Sloper