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Befuddled with a simple calculation

Question asked by carguybikeguy on Jan 9, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2013 by carguybikeguy

Hello all you Makers of Files. I am having a bit of trouble with a Clock-In/Clock-Out database I am building from scratch. It consists of two tables, an Admin table containing the pay period date range, regular hourly rate, overtime hourly rate, accrued sick and vacation time and a few other details that remain consistent. The second table is the actual punch clock table. It has the day, clock in to clock out and total hours of each type calculated based on those clock times per record.


Everything works when the punches a recorded but two things continue to baffle me. First: when creating the calculation to multiply the hours worked by the hourly rate, it returns a zero. I am using a decimal of the time multiplied by the hourly rate from the admin table. Second: despite having set certain values to auto enter from the previous record when a new record is added, the fields end up blank upon creating the new record. This may just be something that I am overlooking so it is not the major issue.


Tomorrow at work I will post screen captures of some of the trouble areas to further illustrate what I am experiencing.