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PDF files created by FM incompatible with Outlook

Question asked by on Jan 10, 2013
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I have encountered a difficult problem with pdfs and would appreciate any insights/suggestions/answers.


My client has a number of PCs running Windows 7 some with with FileMaker v8.5 and wome with FileMaker 9 accessing files hosted on FM server. There is a script that saves a pdf to a location of the user's choice, then attaches it to an email with the To, subject, body etc populated by FM calcs using the Send Mail step.


Some machines have Acrobat 7 or higher installed, some have CutePDF installed. All have Acrobat reader 7 or higher.


This appears to work fine and indeed does work fine on a Mac and on those machines running 8.5. However, on those running FM 9, all seems to go ok and Outlook reports the email as sent, but it never arrives, unless the destination is within the company's own network. The pdf seems fine as it can be opened and viewed.


The testing I have done suggests that the problem may lie in FM producing a PDF in Acrobat 5 compatible format, though this is only a theory.


Does anyone know what the Save as pdf step actually does or how it can be made to save in Acrobat 6 or higher compatibility? I don't seem to be able to make this work even using print setup and specifying the compatibility level using Acrobat as the printer and using the Print step.


The only way I can make the pdf sendable is by opening it in Acrobat and choosing Reduce File Size. This seems to force the file into an acceptable format.


PDFs created with other programmes do not have the same issue.


Does anyone have any clue what is going on?