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    Linking more than one field in Table Occurrences



      You have a T.O. for, say INVOICE

      and that T.O. is linked to workorders, ie ; invoice_WORKORDER

      and the linking fields are _kf_JobNo in Invoices, and _KP_JobNo in Workorders.



      If a 2nd set of linking fields is added, does that addition RESTRICT the link to records matching BOTH fields,




      Can the 2nd link be used to match records independet of the 1st set of matching fields?


      Just Curious. (I guess I could try it to find out!! Oh Well, this is written now. Looking forward to a response )

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          If you add additional criteria to a TO then yes, the fields must match (assuming, of course, that you have used an exact match operator {=} rather than something else {≥, ≤, ≠} ).


          If you need to get a different record set then you would need to create a duplicate of one of your TO and relate to that; INVOICE>invoiceWOKORDER~somethingElse.