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    FM12 server slows down.


      I have a FM12 server computer with Intel Xeon dural processors at 2 GH and 16 G RAM running Win server 2008R2 64 bit. It hosts less than 10 solutions and set up with 8189 MB catch. Since this week, I started to see the coffee cup on client computers when connecting to the server. Attached is the statistics screenshot with a collection interval of 15 minutes. Our IT group is off-site, I need to email or call them to ask for modificaton of the setting on the server computer. I'd like to get as many as possible suggestions here for the performance improvement before I contact the IT group.

      Thanks you very much.

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          Those stats look fine but that screenshot was not taken with the system under load.  When the users complain about the coffee cups, look at the Client stats part of that window.


          You describe only 2 of the 4 typical bottlenecs (CPU and memory).  Disk I/O is more important than that and there is also the network throughput.   What other activity is going on, on the server?  Any virus scanning, shadow copies?


          I would suggest you set up some performance monitoring to include the 4 typical bottlenecks and all FMS counters to see what happens on the machine during the slowdowns.  You may not see anything if the problem is more downstream from the server with a bad cable or failing switch.