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Labels in Fields with conditional formatitng FM12

Question asked by Gingernut on Jan 11, 2013
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Filemaker 12 Advanced and Windows 7


I have been reading the labels in fields discussion and also viewed Matt Petrowsky video on this topic and I am having an issue with the field NOT disappearing when I enter the field only when I tab out of the record (commit?) I have also looked at Matts demo file and cannot see what I have different unless themes make a difference?????

I am conditionally formatting the labels to have text same colour as background when the field is not empty and the field is transparent and on top of the label


It does work once the field is completed but until then I can still see the label under the field as I am typing in the field. Is there a way I can say if the field is the active field or isempty apply the conditional formatting? or am I missing something more fundamental?