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Detecting Internet Connection State on iOS (FAST)

Question asked by carlo.m on Jan 12, 2013

Currently (to my knowledge), if a hosted file is unavailable one of two things happens:


a) it is not available because it is closed on the server. Quick response of Error 100

b) there is a problem with connection (iOS has no connection, no connection to Server, Server Network Unavailable, FMS not running) Long wait (about a minute) and you get Error 802


With FMGO solutions, the majority of the time there is a problem connecting to FMS it is that the device itself has no connection. I've looked through all functions and script steps looking for a quick way to have you deployed file know if it has connection or not.


I'm hoping someone out there has run into this particular problem as well and has found a better way to do it than I have.


As of know, this is the fastest way I have found to run the check:



One field that is ON the layout. I have created a global field on my utility table (Utilities::InternetTest) [text].

One Script





//Requirement: Must be on layout that has InternetTest field on layout, (doesn't have to be visible— can be outside the canvas)

Set Error Capture [On]

Allow User Abort [Off]

Insert from URL [ Select ; No dialog ; Utilities::InternetTest ; "" ]

If [ Get (LastError) ≠ 0 ]

//Continue with sync script


//Stop Sync Script, try again later