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    Market Data Analysis Project


      A professor in School of Medicine at Stanford asked if I could post the following. He isn't looking for FileMaker per se as much as he is someone with programming skills, interest, and possibly experience who is capable of putting this together.




      "I require expertise to write a program that will allow access to data on individual stock funds, primarily index funds, and permit analysis of possible "buy" and "sell" signals on these funds, based on simple moving averages (MA) over time. On looking online, there seem to be many sites where the daily close prices I am interested can be downloaded prior to analysis. The approach would involve determining the usefulness of "signals" based on reversal in direction of one or more MA's: if a plot of one or more MA's starts to trend up, that is taken as a "buy" signal, and the opposite is true for a "sell" signal. For any stock index fund, the program would evaluate a wide range of such possible "signals" and determine how many trades were indicated, when the signals were given, and determine the individual gains/losses on the indicated trades and the overall improvement that might be attained by such approaches over a "buy and hold" strategy.


      The reason this approach is practical is that there are very low fee funds that can readily be traded at little or no cost into and out of markets. Also, once the best approach using MA's is determined, there are a wealth of online charting tools that can be used to implement the approach in practise.


      It would seem a wide range of languages might be suitable- I have seen that many use Matlab for such purposes."




      I'll pass on initial responses and he will take over from there.







      Anne Adams

      Wellspring Data



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          Hi Anne,


          I worked on Wall Street for 9.5 years in 6 different jobs, the last was 4.5

          years as a buy side trader representing insurance monies. My job was to buy

          and sell stocks through the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), American Stock

          Exchange (AMEX), over the counter markets (OTC) and Instinet. Basically I

          was protecting the savings of widow and orphans and facilitating the

          efficient allocation of capital into productive infrastructure with

          resulting job creation.


          My job was to trade with the sell side firms to increase and decrease stock

          holdings while minimizing market impact. It was challenging in that we were

          not allowed to play games on the buy side. Still we exceeded the benchmark

          index funds that we were compared against every single year!


          During market lulls, I would walk over to the programming department and

          work with the department manager to simplify the trading reports that we



          These days, especially post 2008, I follow what is going on in the capital

          markets at:


          http://www.nakedcapitalism.com/ and




          I would be happy to speak to the good doctor about his FileMaker plans, if

          only for the fun of talking shop.


          I also have friends that have done some market related programming.


          All the best,



          Tony White

          Tony White Designs, Inc.

          Tel: 718-797-4175



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            That's reassuring... we rarely credit those involved in the stock market as having a social conscience.


            - Lyndsay