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Invoice:  Lotnumbers of a product

Question asked by spincemaille on Jan 14, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2013 by ErikWegweiser

My question is

How can I after choocing a product in a line of the invoice also look the lotnumbers of that product?


I took as example the Invoices.fmp12 of the "starters solutions"

For this purpose I created a table Lotnumbers with a field Lotnr.

In the layout "Product Details" I made a portal where I can make the different lotnumbers of a product.

The Product tabel and the Lotnumbers table ar joined through the following fields:

Product ID(Products) = Product ID Match field (Lotnumbers), with under Lotnumbers "allow creation en deletion of records"

In the layout "Invoice Details" i "Portal" i put the "Lotnr"




W. Spincemaille