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    Invoice:  Lotnumbers of a product


      My question is

      How can I after choocing a product in a line of the invoice also look the lotnumbers of that product?


      I took as example the Invoices.fmp12 of the "starters solutions"

      For this purpose I created a table Lotnumbers with a field Lotnr.

      In the layout "Product Details" I made a portal where I can make the different lotnumbers of a product.

      The Product tabel and the Lotnumbers table ar joined through the following fields:

      Product ID(Products) = Product ID Match field (Lotnumbers), with under Lotnumbers "allow creation en deletion of records"

      In the layout "Invoice Details" i "Portal" i put the "Lotnr"




      W. Spincemaille

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          The LotNR field you placed on the Invoice Details screen is a new field in the Invoice Data table (i.e., line items), right?


          Create a relationship between an occurrence of the Lotnumbers table and the table occurrence of Products that is already related to Invoice Data [Product ID (Lot Numbers = Product ID (Products).


          Now create a new value list that will be the pop-up list of the LotNr field in your invoice line items portal.

          For this new value list, specify "specify only related values" starting from table occurrence of Product related to Ibnvoice and Use Values from first field LotNR of the Lot Numbers table you just related to Invoice Data (line items).


          When you choose a Product in an invoice line item portal, the pop-up list in the LotNr field should show only the valid Lot Numbers of the selected product.


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