[Ann] FM File Manager on the Go

Discussion created by rgordon on Jan 14, 2013

Practical Solutions For Educators announces the release of FM File Manager on the Go, the best solution for installing and updating FileMaker Pro files on an iPad or iPhone.  Installing a single file on an iPad/iPhone is child's play but installing multiple files or updating files is a whole different ball of wax. 


Features include:

• Installs multiple files with one installer file onto the iPad or iPhone

• Updates existing solutions on an iPad or iPhone

• Builds scrolling custom dialog box and informational text boxes without the pesky keyboard popping up

• Creates license agreements the users must agree before installing

• Allows selection of which files to install

• Replaces files on the iPad/iPhone

• Installs multiple file types to the iPad/iPhone

• Deletes the installer/updater file after completing

• Runs scripts with a parameter

• Opens password protected files

• Creates a back up file during the update that can be saved or deleted

• Requires minimal user intervention needed to run the installers/updaters

• Runs on an iPad, PC or Mac

• Saves a developer many hours of work to not to have to reproduce these features

• Requires FileMaker Pro 12 or FileMaker Go 12

• Annual license- $27.50   Two year license- $45.00


Download a demo at www.psfe.com/fmfilemanageronthego/

Email: fmgo@psfe.com

Website: www.psfe.com


Practical Solutions For Educators has been developing high quality FileMaker Pro solutions for over 15 years.  Over the past year, the company has become a leading developer of FileMaker Go 12 solutions.  Practical Solutions For Educators is one of only a handful of companies to win mutliple FileMaker Excellence Awards at Devcon.