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Printing multiple records on Dymo label printer

Question asked by disabled_lvairo on Jan 15, 2013



I have a dymo 400 and I am trying to print labels on it. I have a script that works to print one record on a label once the record has been created in a portal. However, when I am creating more than one record at a time and therfore printing more than one label, the printer will print the same record as the first label. The script that prints the label is triggered by an on object modify script trigger. I have attached the script below. I tried making the script loop so that it will print all the lables that need to be printed once the record is created however, the labels just kept printing non-stop. The secquence of events I want to achieve is create record, print label, create record, print label, etc. depending on the number of records being created. Any suggestions will be greatly appcieated.


Thank you


Screen Shot 2013-01-15 at 1.03.15 PM.png