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    Window Sizing


      Hi All,

      Im wanting to open a new dialog window ontop of my current layout..no problem with that..But The current window that is set at to Maximized for some reason reduces in size when the script runs.

      I just want to create the new window leaving the existing window in its maximized state.

      Can someone put me right on this

      Much appreciated



      Updated by ME..

      OK Ive just discovered that it cant be done ..the closest you can get is a few pixels less than full screen..another words set the screen size..The issue now would be, how does this work in with different screen sizes..do I need to create a script to GET the current screen size of the users computer screen??

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          You can use the Get ( WindowDesktopHeight ) and Get ( WindowDesktopWidth ) functions to determine the screen area you have available for your windows.

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            Thanks JBante i thought so..cool

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              MarkNZ wrote:


              OK Ive just discovered that it cant be done...


              Perhaps this free solution FMTools v6 will solve your window problem: http://apjuk.com/FMTools6.html


              What can I do with FMTools?

              FMTools is an add on utility for FileMaker Pro™ for Windows. The current version 6 works with FileMaker Pro™ versions 6 to 12 and with solutions bound with FileMaker Developer/Advanced. All the functions can be controlled by FileMaker scripts. FMTools is Not a Plugin. FMTools is Free to use without restriction. Versions prior to 6 require a licence code which is available upon request.


              Window State/Size         Resize/minimze/maximize FileMaker application window