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    Digital Scale for weight


      Hi, does anyone know of a digital scale that can work with FM and iphone or thru Bluetooth.



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          Hi Oreste,


          Most scale manufacturers are using the RS-232 serial interface to send data to a computer and I don't know of any iOS app that will talk with that interface.


          For the Mac, which also lacks a serial interface, you should look at the Postal scales that are made by Mettler Toledo. They have both the RS-232 and a USB interfaces with a range of sizes. I've found the PS15 model will work with a USB interface but have needed the interfacing code that Andy Knasinski from NRG Soft wrote in order to make it write the weights to an FMP database on my Mac.


          A reliable supplier for these scales is AMS in Macomb, IL. Ask for Scott Wisslead.Scott <scott@amsship.com>





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            Not what you are asking about, but I am tossing this web site out there as FYI. It concerns iOS talking to RS-232 serial devices.