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Running scripts in external data source in IWP

Question asked by darrenburgess on Jan 16, 2013
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Can one run a script in IWP in a externally referrenced FM file? In this case File A and File B both have the same user account configured. The user:


1. logs into file a

2. enters some data

3. Clicks a button that runs a script in File A

4. File A script performs a script in File B

5. Script in File B simply exits and returns a literal test text result.

6. File A uses get (scriptresult) to capture the result in global variable


The global is displayed on the layout that the original scrfipt goes to, but the variable has no value. So by this test, it appears that that it is not possible to run the remote script in IWP.


I also tried setting the global var to get ( lasterror) after the perform script step. Error = 0.


Is there something simple I may be missing, or is it not possible to run scripts in externally referrenced FM files?


Darren Burgess