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    FileMaker Certification Verification?


      I was looking to contract out some development work and when I attempted to verify a candidate's credentials, I was surprised to find this on FM's website relating to certification:


      "FileMaker will not deny or confirm individual names of FileMaker certified developers. The certificate is your proof of certification. Your employer will be advised of this policy."


      source: http://www.filemaker.com/support/training/certification/faq.html


      So, how do you tell the "real" certified developers from the "fake" ones that claim they are certified, since there is no way to verify? Yes, I understand "the certificate is your proof of certification" but doesn't it seem odd that FM is a database company yet they don't keep an accessible database of who is certified? I guess I don't see the harm in FM verifying someone's credentials for FM's own certification... this could be an easy look-up on FM's website.


      Maybe I'm making a mountain out of a molehill. I just found it odd. Anyone have any other insight on this?

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          any company listing on the FMI site that has a certification, you can be sure it is verified by FMI. Any person putting "certified" in their email or personal websites, are asked to abide by the rules. If they don't you can only verify by requesting the information from FMI.

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            Have you looked at their profile in the FileMaker Developer Community? Every member of the Community can request their certifications be displayed in their profile. If they are not here then ask them to join and request their certifications.


            For example: Beverly is certified in FMP 9

            (But I happen to know she's an expert in FMP §^=).

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              Certification just means you sat the mastery test.

              Often it means you can't find the time or the motivation to go get tested because you are too busy developing.

              Being a competent developer is a different issue. Years of experience and lots of examples and happy clients are a lot more important in my book.


              - Lyndsay

              ch0c0halic wrote:

              For example: Beverly is certified in FMP 9

              (But I happen to know she's an expert in FMP §^=).

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