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FileMaker licensing for a non-profit in Tanzania

Question asked by kcapella on Jan 17, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2013 by kcapella

I work for a small non-profit organization in Tanzania (East Africa) which does advocacy around children's rights. We have a FM database that we use for keeping track of program monitoring data, as well as case studies of child abuse that we come across. We're currently using FM11, with our server being a Windows 7 machine and our clients being Macs. We have 15 client licenses and 1 server license - these were purchased from FileMaker UK, and we're currently on an annual volume licensing agreement.


This was all set up before I joined the organization, and we've just received a bill as our next year's annual payment is due. I was quite shocked at the cost - about 1500 pounds (2400 USD). That's quite a lot of money for a non-profit organization of our size, so I started looking around the FM website for pricing info. We really don't need 15 client licenses, so I put in 10 licenses plus one server license on the FM website, and got a price of $746 per year with non-profit pricing. Needless to say that's a HUGE savings over the $2400 we'd have to pay to FM UK, and it'd have the benefit of allowing us to move to FM12 (we employ a consultant who does work on the databases for us, and she'd transition them to 12's format).


The problem is that I really have no idea how FM licensing works, and so I don't know if it's okay for us to purchase licenses directly from the FM website, or if being located in Africa means that we have to buy them from FM UK. Also, while we are a non-profit organization we don't have 501(c)(3) status in the US, so would that make us ineligible for non-profit pricing?


If anyone could offer some advice on what the best way forward on FM licensing for us should be, I'd hugely appreciate it. Ultimately we'd like to have 10 Mac client licenses and 1 Windows server license (not Advanced) of FM12, with non-profit pricing if possible.