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How to make IWP working on an ad hoc network

Question asked by Lizhe on Jan 17, 2013

I have a in-field data collection issue with about 40 people inputting data. Since we have to make decision quickly based on the input by some data processing, I want to run the FM server on my laptop with the IWP and ad-hoc network, then let the user to input data through their cell phone.

I tested the idea and found that the iphone can join the ad-hoc network with my laptop, but had a problem to see the database.

I tried the addresses with the web browser on the iphone and even on my laptop but failed: the ip address showed by the FMS; the ip address showed by ipconfig command (this one is different with FMS display and one time it was empty without any IP address showed for my laptop. I don't know why).


Any suggestions to make the plan work or the idea is totally wrong, thanks.