Negative Testing...find what's missing

Discussion created by martinc on Jan 17, 2013
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We use: fmsa 11 on WinServer 2008 with users on Win XP using fmp11, I use fmpa11 mostly on windows


Part of our system holds a training table to log training events. I'm pretty solid on finding what we Do have. I having a challenge on finding what we Dont have..


We have a few tables that relate to this



Training Events


We create a training event and link a classs to it as well as the employees that attended. Pretty cool. I can see related events on a particular employees record.

What I really want to see is what's MISSING.


Example: There is a class for xyz and I want all employess of job title 123 to take this class once per year. I'd like to know at a glance who needs to still take xyz class. How do I search for non-existent related records?