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      Hi All


      I would like to know if there is a way to have the web viewer capture the login info I put into filemaker.




      Lets supposed I have an account in mysite.com and I create these accounts in filemaker. Is there a way that when Im in my filemaker record I can send my user info to automatically populate the user name in password in the webviewer of mysite.com?

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          I have not done this, but if you look at the URL plugin from Troi, it seems to say that this is possible. There are likely other plugins out there that would do the same thing. Check out the one from BaseElements as well as do a general search for others that can handle URL type functions. This can maybe be done without plugins by doing some javascripting in the Webviewer.










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            With our MBS Plugin you can set form fields on webpages in the webviewer.

            For example we use it with some clients to automatically login to Paypal or Facebook.




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              I dunno if it apples, but I once adapted some html code to login to a wordpress blog.  I put each line of code into script variables, added in the user's login and password from filemaker (on the fly) and then strung the whole mess together and saved it to a file in a known location.  I then did a send event script to safari to open document with the saved file's path and name.  It logged the user into the wordpress blog without any problems....


              If you want the html code I might could dig it up but it was just standard form submission with login and password.





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                that sounds very clever. Wouldnt mind getting that code to try it

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                  I will google that plugin now thanks

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                    Set Variable [ $part1; Value:"<body onload=\"submitForm()\"><form method=post name=\"loginform\" action=\"http:

                    //xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/wordpress/wp-login.php\"><input type=\"hidden\" name=\"log\" value=" ]

                    Set Variable [ $part2; Value:"\"" & PTO::FName & " " & PTO::LName & "\"" ]

                    Set Variable [ $part3; Value:">

                    <input type=\"hidden\" name=\"pwd\" value=" ]

                    Set Variable [ $part4; Value:PTO::BlogPwd ]

                    Set Variable [ $part5; Value:">


                    <script type='text/javascript'>document.loginform.submit();</script>

                    </body>" ]

                    Set Variable [ $path; Value:"/Volumes" & Get(DesktopPath) & "blog.html"

                    //"/Volumes" & Get(TemporaryPath) & "a.html" ]

                    // Show Custom Dialog [ Title: $path; Message: $path; Default Button: “OK”, Commit: “Yes” ]

                    Set Variable [ $results; Value:WriteToFile( $path ; $part1 & $part2 & $part3 & $part4 & $part5 ) ]

                    Set Variable [ $path; Value:"filemac:" & Get(DesktopPath) & "blog.html" ]

                    Send Event [ open document; File Name: “$path”; Application Name: “Safari” ]

                    [ Bring application to foreground ]