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    Minimum Access to server


      I have been building a FM solution for my company and recently received approval for a three month pilot. Our tools team is not happy at all about this because it is something they should have been working on.


      That said the tools team has agreed to provide a server to host the solution and allow an ODBC connection to the DB where the data is coming from. The problem is they do not want to give me any access to the server where FM Server will live. I understand I can manage server admin console via the web but it looks like I will also need read/write access to the folder that the solution will be placed so I can upload new versions.


      Is this all I need to successfully manage the solution and the server? Does anyone see a need for any other type of access to the server?


      FM Server 12 Adv



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          Stephen Huston

          If you have access to the Server admin tool downloaded from the web interface, you can use the tool to handle uploads of files to the server from your local computer without needing any direct access to the server at the OS level.


          In fact, uploading files via the Server Admin panel is considered more reliable, as it takes care of permissions in the files as they upload.


          I worked over 2 years without any direct access to the FM Server machine's OS or directories, using the Server Admin panel -- no problems. That panel  also  handles the FM server configuration and schedules. (The only time I needed IT intervention was to retrieve backup files from the Server for offline testing.)

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            Thanks Stephen! Sounds like I am all set. We should have everything installed as of next week fingers crossed.


            I assume from your "2yr " comment that this also applies to earlier versions? Say 10 & 11?

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              Stephen Huston

              Yep, I did server admin in-house on FM 10, 11, and 12 with just the Server Admin panel as downloaded from the standard local-host location covered in the Getting Started server manual.