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Refreshing view on host machine

Question asked by LabsRock on Jan 18, 2013
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We are using a time clock solution hosted on a workstation running FileMaker Pro 11. Staff use buttons to clock in and out at the start or end their day, or for taking breaks and lunch. I've setup a calculation field to indicate the status for each staff person (an unstored calc) and use conditional formatting to color code that status on their row in the display. It works well because the manager can easily see how many people are in/out at a given time and make sure we're adequately staffed.


The problem is we now have a staff person who, due to an injury, isn't able to go upstairs and use the terminal this is setup on. It is easy for them to access the database over the network, but the screen on the host terminal doesn't refresh to show when she has logged in or out until another action, e.g. someone else logging in or out, causes it to do so. I guess my question is; does anyone know of a way to get the display on all machines to show the same conditional formatting whenever a value is changed on any client? I've tried various methods using script triggers and have tested running from our FileMaker Server as well, all to no avail.


Thanks for any assistance.