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    HELP please


      I have a big question about importing data from a PC based database to my Ipad.

      I want to manage data from students (about 600) on my Institute (payments, exams, etc...).

      1 - wich software you recommend for creating the data base on Windows PC

      2 - Is there any ipad app capable to import those data from that database via wifi connection.

      I was checking with Bento but I can´t really figure it out if it match my requirements.

      Hope you can help me

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          Stephen Huston

          Several ideas and questions:

          • You can transfer the database file itself via iTunes and open it in FM GO if it's a FileMaker database on your PC.
          • You can host the FM database on the PC and connect to it from a compatible file on your iPad in FM GO to do a live import, but it will be slow since this is a WAN connection.
          • Do you already have a database on your PC? If so, what software format is it? Can it export CVS (comma separated values) which Bento or FM GO can import on the iPad?
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            I manage all data with excel. What I need to do is from my Ipad, remotelly to check pay roll status, exams results, etc...

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              So,  you're not really using a database on the PC, if you are using Excel. I don't know how many Excel spreadsheets you have,  but, for example, you could import the Excel sheets into FileMaker, with one Excel spreadsheet per FileMaker layout. This would probably be much easier to deal with than multiple spreadsheets.   Then,  once you have the data in FileMaker on your PC,  you could load it into your iPad from the PC.


              There are couple of different ways to do this; and you need to decide where the "live" data is going to reside....on the iPad,  on the PC, etc.   

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                the live data must reside in the pc and my idea is to collect the data to be shown in my ipad.

                I have one spreadsheet that resume all the data i need. For example a list with the payroll status in the current month.

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                  Then the easiest way is to put the data into a FileMaker database on your PC (you can import the Excel into a FileMaker table)

                  use the sharing option on that database to make it accessible over wifi.


                  Then use FileMaker Go on the iPad to access the database from your iPad.  All the changes made on the iPad will be stored

                  on the PC.


                  Hope that helps,


                  Best regards,


                  Ruben van den Boogaard

                  Infomatics Software


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                    Stephen Huston

                    If remote access (wifi & WAN) are issues, you can import the Escel into an FM file on your PC, and transfer the resulting FM file to the iPad via iTunes or  by email. Just open the transfered FM file in FM Go if the data doesn't need to be more recent than what you imported from Escel anyway.