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    FMP / FMS 12 is fine


      I need to decide whether to develop in FMP 11 or FMP12.



      I will use:

      - FMP and FMS.

      - Massive use of container fields.

      - Stability is required.



      What is the recommendation? ... FM 12 (Pro / Server) ,...works fine. ?

      thanks in advance.



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          12 is fine.  It is also a huge help if you are not developing from a 11 to 12 converted file.

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            I've always found it best to stay as current as possible with FM.  I would recommend 12.  The only stability issues I'm aware of are related to converted FM 11 (or prior) databases into 12.  If you're doing fresh development, 12 would be my recommendation.  Not to mention the change in file structure with 12 and the move towards CSS (which is a good thing) and how this will greatly impact the effectiveness of FM over WAN.

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              Definately develop in FileMaker 12. Starting from that point will be better for a brand new solution. Container fields have been enhanced significantly in FileMaker 12.

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                Stephen Huston

                Go with 12.

                Your note that there will be massive use of containers is enough to justify that decision. There is a paper available on Container fields in 12 which will be worth reading before you get very far. It should be available in the documents section of this forum.