How to hire a FM consultant?

Discussion created by martinc on Jan 17, 2013
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My day job is President of a fairly large company. Years ago I discovered that FM was a handy tool to help keep all of the stuff that we do under control.


As business has expanded, so has the still works but implementing some significant changes can be a big draw on my time.


I have a component that I can't quite make fly and would like some help.


To save everyone time...what is the best way to outline the task of extending an exiting system? How does one find a FM Dev for hire? What is the current fee range?





The essense of the project: We have an inventory of trees that we manage for various owners. The trees come from a GIS system (Esri ArcMap). We want to attach the trees to work orders so that we can track various tasks proposed or done to those trees. One work order may reference a single tree or 2000 trees. The Trees are in a separate file from our work order system. I have something now, but I think that I took the wrong path and need a fresh approach.