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Reporting with joins, on a subset of one table

Question asked by lkeyes on Jan 18, 2013
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Hi... I've got a file of a members table, a committees table and a join table called CommitteeMembers. (diagram attached) I've been able to base a report on CommitteMembers which gives me all of the committees with all of their members. That seeems to work fine..


There are two data-entry layouts: one for Committess and one for Members. (The join table doesn't have a layout, at least not yet!)



Now, the users have asked to be able to choose a particular committee or subset of the committees, using a Find. The natural thing for them to do is to go to the Committees layout, and perform a find on the committee name. (Example..... a user wants members of all Diocesan Council committees from all districts, so they search for 'Diocesan Council" and get six committees:


Diocesan Council Mission District 1

Diocesan Council Mission District 2

Diocesan Council Mission District 3

Diocesan Council Mission District 4

Diocesan Council Mission District 5

Diocesan Council Mission Ex Officio Members


However, since the report has to be based on the join table (to show both the committees and the members), I'm stymied as to how to tell the report that I just want the six committees that the user found when searching the committees table. I keep thinkning that there must be standard approach for this? Ideas?