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Two salary options?

Question asked by redzwanlatif on Jan 20, 2013
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Hi. I'm building a tuition management software. I need to put 2 salary options (percentage, per hour) in the system. My problem is with the relationship. If I use percentage options, the software should count the salary based on this formula :


All the teachers get 10% of the monthly fee as their salary. Let's say a teacher teach a subject that costs $45 per month. There are 10 students studying the subject. 5 students in Class A and 5 students in Class B.


Formula :


(10% x $45) x 10 students


My Relationship :


Students ->> Subjects Line <<- Subjects

Students ->> Students Payment

Teachers ->> Teachers Payment


Do you have any idea on how to calculate the salary automatically?

Which table should I put the 'fee per month, percentage, student payment' field?

I really need some idea for this. Thanks for your help . Really appreciate it.