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    Debtor Statements




      I need to create a debtor statement that shows All transactions for the period with an Opening Balance on one side and on the other side all outstanding transactions for that Debtor.

      I have a debtor table and a Debtor_Transactions table where all of my Invoice's, GRV's Returns, Payments and Credits get captured.

      Im not exactly sure what the best way would be to show 2 diffrent search criterea's on one page.

      Do i use 2 portals?


      Please help!

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          using the Debtor_transactions table as the base table sounds like a good start.

          You can show opening and closing balances via relationships. That is easy if your search is by max & min dates which are then used for the relationships using > and <

          Create a summary field for cumulative balances on both debits & credits and a calculation for the balance which is cumulative.


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            Hi Lyndsay,


            I hear what you are saying, not sure if i explained my problem clearly.

            All of the transactions have a period that it was created in eg 201212 so there is no need to search on dates, i can use the period that they select in my search

            I have to list all transactions for the selected period on the left side of the page. And show all unpaid transactions from previous periods on the right hand side.


            Wouldn't it be easier to have 2 portals, and just filter them diffrently?