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Reformatting the results of a SQL date

Question asked by Gingernut on Jan 22, 2013
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I have a chart which shows number of toners invoiced to a customer relating to their photocopier.

It is from the Invoice Line and I have grouped as customer will often have one of each colour on the same invoice therefore same date

I managed this more by luck than skill so any help much appreciated



The x axis is



FROM "customer_Invoice_LineItem"

WHERE "_Mach Id No" =? AND "StkDesc" LIKE '%TONER' AND qty >0

GROUP BY "date" ";

"|" ; "" ;



The Y axis is


count (*)

FROM "customer_Invoice_LineItem"

WHERE "_Mach Id No" =? AND "StkDesc" LIKE '%TONER'

GROUP BY "date"


"|" ; "" ;



Works a treat but it shows the date as 2012-06-29 and I would like to show the UK date format 29/06/2012 or even better just group by Month and Year eg June 12


Can anyody please tell me how I need to do this


Many thanks