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Opening an Excel File on Mac Using the Web Viewer

Question asked by gladams on Jan 22, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2013 by gladams

I am having problems with file paths on the Mac, which I am not that familiar with, as was brought up on a PC, and any help would be much appreciated. I have a script to open an Excel file using a web viewer. The web viewer is hidden behind a button and only used to trigger the opening of the Excel file. The calculation for paths I have used and put into a variable $$Dir:


Let ( folderPath=Left ( Get ( FilePath ) ; Position ( Get ( FilePath ) ; "/" ; Length (Get (FilePath)) ; -1)); Let (curDir=folderPath ; If ( Abs ( Get ( SystemPlatform )) = 2 ; curDir ; Substitute (curDir ; "file:/" ; "file:///Volumes/" ) ))) & "Files/External Links.xls"


The excel file is in a folder called 'Files' which is in the same directory as the FileMaker file. On the PC this works fine and opens the pop up save/open box. On the Mac it does nothing, so I guess there is something wrong with the file path for the Mac.


Graham Adams