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    Use of IN operator with ODBC import




      What is the correct way to import using the IN operator?


      Suppose I'm trying to import the sql table called 'student' and I don't want to import every single record in that SQL table.

      I only want the ones where FMTable::Student_id = Sql Student_id.


      What i tried so far is to create an array in Filemaker using a custom function AddConstantToListValues http://www.briandunning.com/cf/516 , slightly modified to return 'value1','value2'. etc.


      So, inputing this into the calculated sql text

      "SELECT * FROM Student WHERE 'student_id' IN (" & AddConstantToListValues ( $list ; "'" ) & ")"


      Returns this:


      SELECT * FROM Student WHERE 'student_id' IN ('10','1000','10000','10006','10007','10008','10009','1001','10011','10012','10014','10015','10017','10019','1002','10022','10023','10024','10025','10027','1003','10032','10033','10034')


      I am however getting zero records imported even though there records in the sql database that have these id's.


      Any ideas?