Best way to send jobs to FM go and then send them back again?

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Hi all


I would be very grateful for some advice. I need to send jobs to an iPad user, who would collect one or two records while in the office, go offsite with no internet connection, add data in many fields to complete the record, and then pass it back to the main database, without going back to the office.


As far as I can see FM Go does not support the import of records from non-FileMaker files. I would have hoped to send the records, one or two at a time, perhaps as email attachments, in a "lighter" format e.g. as a .CSV file. But this seems to be ruled out. So am I looking at emailing a sequence of suitably named FileMaker files? (The client is currently on FM 11 but longer term will go to v. 12). They would be unformatted, simple exports, but true FileMaker files, rather than CSVs.


The problem is how to import the data into FM Go? Although importing records is supported, I think this may be from hosted and local FM files only, not from files"out there". How can an Import script work, when there is no proper interaction with the OS at file level (no "browse to locate your file" dialog)? If you receive an emailed attachment, I can't see how IOS has any way of saving that file in a particular file path.


Of course, after they have input their data, they need to send it back. The Export records script step, if you check the option "Create email with file as attachment", nicely creates a new message with the exported records as an attachment (excellent), but there's no way to pre-populate the To: address and the Subject.


The Send Mail script step is also supported but this has the reverse problem - it will populate with an email address and a subject but there's no way to script the attachment of the exported records!


I may well have missed something obvious here. Is there a consensus/skilful standard for this sort of thing? If so, I would be very glad to hear of it!


Thank you.






PS I have already had a helpful suggestion to look into Go Zync, which I will, but fo rthis current project, I will need a cheaper, more low tech solution.