Reputable Filemaker Hosting Service Provider in Southern California?

Discussion created by DEC on Jan 22, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2013 by taylorsharpe

Hi Everybody,


I've devised a Filemaker solution for a client, and am considering referring the client to a third party hosting service, rather than setting up a Filemaker server for the client in the client’s offices.


I understand that there are any number of entities which provide such Filemaker Server hosting services. My chief interests are as follows:


1. I'd prefer an entity that is physically based in or around the LA area, where myself and my client are situated.


2. I'd prefer an entity whose services are reputable and time-tested across a portfolio of respectable clients.


3. The Filemaker database I developed features external file storage of my client’s extremely confidential documents. Very strict respect for my client’s confidential documents is absolutely key; for this reason, an exclusive server hosting package would be especially attractive.


I've to date always set up my clients with their own Filemaker Servers, with excellent results. I'd like to consider referring my clients to third party hosting service providers, subject to the above considerations. I'd very much appreciate your thoughts, personal experiences, and referrals. Triple 8 seems to nicely fulfill the above criteria; has anyone here any personal experience with them in particular to share?


Thank you!