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Bugs In FileMaker

Question asked by Christopher Quinn on Jan 23, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2013 by jormond

We have multiple FileMaker developers here at our offices, ACG Technologies, and we have been experiencing a interesting bug. We are using FileMaker Pro 12 and we have a layout with many sub-tubs and hundreds of fields. When we enter "Set Tab Order" it crashes FileMaker Pro. We first tried recovering the database and the problem reoccurred. We found if we remove a number of fields from the layout the problem was resolved. We tried removing different sets of fields and it made no difference it would still crash until we removed a certain number of fields, with the only common denominator being the number of fields left to set the tab order. We're wondering if this problem is caused by the number of "set tab order" objects are limited to a certain number, and when that number is reached it crashes FileMaker Pro?