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    Hanging Objects - overlapping Sub-summary parts, not avail in FMP 12 ?


      In order to provide a compact catalogue of products page we used to create a [Product Type] field in a Sub-Summary Part (SS-p) including a [LinaArt] graphic container, then list [Product References] on individual lines below this (also in SS-parts as it happens). The [LineArt] container spilled from the SS-part over the lines below, like a hanging item so that it lined up with the individual products below.


      I know that others have used similar functions for large text headers hanging into parts below (with just the top of the field in a miniture SS-part above).


      Question 1: Has this function really disappeared in FMP 12 ?

      If(answer = yes; "aaaaarghhh, there goes my catalogue layout"; Q2 below)

      Q2: How or when can I get this layout function back again.


      Any suggestions, please?