Calculating potential discount from invoice terms.

Discussion created by b.weaver on Jan 23, 2013
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Hi all,


I'm looking for an elegant solution to calculate the potential discount for an invoice, based on the terms of invoice.


I have a list of terms which has a discount percent, along with the net days to pay. Company pays within that time, they get the discount.


So, this list looks something like:


Net 10

Net 20


1% 10 Net 30

2% 10 Net 20

3% 10 Net 10


15% 30



I'm envisioning a Terms/Discount table where the properties of each term are stored and the value list is made up of the available terms (2nd field, calculated descripiton). When the invoice is created or the terms are changed, then the individual "parts" of the terms can be looked up and applied to the invoice.


...or should I just keep the value list as is and use if statements in a script to calculate the discount?



Thanks for the look!


- Brian