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    Filemaker and web services


      Does filemaker have the capacity to use web services? Please answer in plain English as I am only used to using filemaker for our local student campus. I create layouts and enter data. I also use basic scripts (had fun with dates and times). Our business currently only uses the system locally. We have not used the web publishing facility, but would like to move towards this as we have campuses all around Australia and it would be easier if we could use this facility than uploading spreadsheets into filemaker.


      The Government would like to a implement system for providing colleges with a Unique Student Indentifier (USI). This system would require application for USIs amd verification of USIs to be via system-to-system web service calls. I don't know what that means. Could someone please explain.


      Many thanks.

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          LadyBear wrote:


          Does filemaker have the capacity to use web services?  Please answer in plain English


          Yes or no - depending on the web service. Some web services can only be accessed using a plugin.




          LadyBear wrote:


          We have not used the web publishing facility, but would like to move towards this


          Web publishing is one thing; using a web service another.

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            As Michael said, web publishing in FileMaker and web services are 2 separate things.


            In FileMaker, WebPublishing can come in 2 forms:  Instant Web Publishing and Custom Web Publishing.  Instant Web Publishing essentially recreates your database (along with the whole FileMaker experience) in your web browser. There are some limitations, but it can be a quick and efficient way to give database access to remote users or users who may not require the FileMaker application.  Custom Web Publishing is more complex.  It allows you to use a language like PHP to incorporate your database into a web page.  For instance, I once built a CWP solution that gave customers access to their order history from the company's website without giving them access to any other part of the database. 


            Web services, which can be called from FileMaker (often, as Michael said, with the use of a plugin), are a way for different services to talk to each other using XML based formats.  Protocols such as SOAP can allow a company to talk to FedEx.  For example, our company uses NetSuite, a web-based ERP system.  In order to send and retrieve data from NetSuite, we use SOAP calls to communicate between FileMaker and NetSuite.  We created a custom plugin that takes the FileMaker requests and formats them into the proper XML format before sending to NetSuite, and then parses the information that is returned.  Depending on your needs, there are some web services plugins that may suit your needs, though you'll need more information about what your employer's system requires.  360Works has a nice plugin that might be worth investigating.


            I'd speak to someone in your IT department, because moving a solution from a locally hosted file to something that's used at many remote locations and is communicating with other web services could be a complex job.


            Good luck!

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              You can also use the free Beezwax Web Services Plug-in




              Hope that helps,


              Best regards,


              Ruben van den Boogaard

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                You can use CURL functions in our MBS plugin to use a web service.

                One of th example databases shows how to use a weather webservice.