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Export XSL with XSL - known issue for 10 years still happening?

Question asked by PalmDBS on Jan 25, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2013 by PalmDBS

This is frustrating. If content pasted in a field contains invalid XML characters, and you export to XML using XSL, you get a SaxParseException error. Why does FileMaker output invalid XML characters, especially when using XSL and knowing that it won't be able to transform it? I've saw a discussion about the same issue back in 2003, and can't believe it hasn't been addressed in that time. Yes, I know "garbage in, garbage out", but you'd think it would be a lot easier for FileMaker to ignore those invalid characters than for me to iterate 2 million records to fix 4 or 5 fields on each record.


Is there any solution other than iterating through all the rows and cleaning all the fields with invalid characters (that were copy/pasted from word)? Doing such a mass replacement (whether through replace field content or iterating over records) tends to slow the system for the live users.