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Custom Menu Set After Conversion

Question asked by psuchad on Jan 25, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2013 by christinesephton

I have a FM11 solution that I will soon be converting to 12. After doing a test conversion off a backup file, everything seems to be working correctly except one custom menu.


I have a layout with a portal list that opens a new window to display the record detail. Once the window is opened, the script is paused as a means to prevent the user from exiting FileMaker while the window is displayed. The layout has a custom menu set with all menu items stripped out except Close. Close is modified to resume script. This results in the user clicking the close window X (Windows OS only) resuming the script, necessary processing completed, and a scripted window close.


Everything works as expected on FM11. On 12 the close window X does absolutely nothing. I know that FM12 has much easier ways of handling this, but until I am ready to re-write everything in 12, the converted file is my only option. I am trying to limit downtime as much as possible as we are a 24/7 operation. Fixing layouts and scripts after converion is not ideal. I may have to modify all my layouts that I use this method to include a close (resume script) button prior to conversion.


Is there something that I am overlooking? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.