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Layout design frustration

Question asked by rothdavid on Jan 24, 2013
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I've been having a one man brainstorming session for several months now and I'm down to the wire and could use some fresh ideas if any are to be had.


I work for a magazine publisher. I develop custom solutions for my employer and I'm working on an upgraded version of a CRM solution with Sales Order module to create insertion contracts.


We sell ad space across a few media now, Print, Online (web and email), Digital Enhancements (digital editions of our print magazines with items like links, videos, etc..


Historically, our contracts have been separate for each media because they don't always contain the same columns of data as a rule. with this new CRM, I've been asked to see if I can bring all the media to one contract for ease of presentation and ability to sell as a package type deal.


We could have up to 3 or 4 different insertion (ad) grids on a contract. I've mocked up what we currently use and I'm perplexed on how to impliment a similiar model using layouts using FMP 12.


THE ad/order detail is stored in one table in CRM, classified by a type (Print,Online,Digital,Event) and I've been racking my brain trying to determine the best approach to designing a contract that won't require a page for each insertion grid type. So far, I've come up with 3 portals filtered by media type, that would display the detail. Sales staff however, in the older web based system they use, can choose to hide or display columns of data as needed for the contract and is a feature they feel very much needed in the new CRM's contract design functionality. the system is building web pages on the fly and it can to some degree, add print digital ad grds as needed to contract layout by building tables in the HTML code to display the ad lines.


The attached mock up shows an example of what a contract may look like when more than one media type ad is sold. we could opt top move this area to the last page as an "attached schedule".


My goal here would be to design a layout that that won't require a seperate page for each insertion grid type. Often times, 3 grids could physically fit one one page, rarely, would it break onto two pages.


Any ideas by some layout pros, plug-ins or other advice, ideas or approaches would be greatly appreciated.


thank you,


David Roth