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Cascading drop-lists, check boxes and exporting

Question asked by bzoo2005 on Jan 24, 2013
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I'm new to Filemaker Pro (I am a somewhat experienced Access user) and am having some issues with basic db development, and am hoping for some guidance at the start of this database, instead of having to redo it a bunch of times due to silly here goes.


I am working on a database that will record a zookeepers (I work at a zoo) location and actions while working with assigned animals. So far, the tables I think I need are....Keepers (to have a list of keeper names, their info and activate/deactivate keepers), Animals (for the same reason), locations, and work performed. And finally a table to actually store each it "events". I may also need a table to keep track of which keepers work with which animals...say "assignments"...but I'll definately take advice as to the overall structure of this thing...


My droplists question:

In Access, I was able to make "cascading drop lists" so that if you selected "Dan" you would only have a choice of animals from those that Dan is assigned to do. This was done by making a query that would pull up the info from said table, based on what was entered into the form...and populate the pulldown list from there. Is that done through the Inspector--when I select the source of the information, or is it best done via a portal? Can this be done at all?


My Check Boxes question:

I also need this to have these records track each animal's access to certain "pens" or locations. There would be "work performed" called a "shift" that would indicate a change in animals' locations. I have several issues with how to best perform this...I would LIKE to have a series of checkboxes that are on the layout and indicate each animal's last known locations. This is greyed out and locked until someone says they are shifting. At this point, the checkboxes become active, and you can move them around (click that they are in enclosure 1 instead of enclosure 2, etc.)...saving this record would update the animals' location in a location's file, as well as update the regular event. Saving it without performing a shift would save to just the event table. I hope that makes sense...


And my exporting question:

Checkboxes allow for multiple entries into one field or line on a table. So if I select that two animals...Say "Ben" and "Jerry" were fed carrots, and do a quick search, I can search for times that Ben was fed, or Jerry was fed, or when Ben and Jerry were fed, and get that record for all responses...correct? Is there a good way to separate these values upon export? These tables (specifically the "Events" table) are meant to be exported to another data analysis program via Excel, and every export I get when I play around with this has info like this:


Keeper Animal Event

Dan Ben, Jerry Fed


I need:


Keeper Animal Event

Dan Ben Fed

Dan Jerry Fed.


Is this impossible, or something simple I'm missing here?


Thanks in advance for any help/advice