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Avoid "scientific"/exponential notation in number-calculation

Question asked by kosmo on Jan 25, 2013
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Dear Experts,


I'm trying to make a custom function that produces long numbers. It's some kind of Code and the calculation might then look for the digit on position 43 or else.


Unfortunately, the cf doesn't work if, by chance, the code ends with several zeros, because filemaker switches to its exponential notation like "9,0e+11" instead of 900000000000 and text-functions like "Middle ()" give wrong results.


The crucial part of the cf goes like

$NumberA * $NumberB ^ $NumberC;


For testing, I'm now trying to get a result of "0" from a formula like Middle (9 * 10^13; 2; 1) or Middle (GetAsText (9 * 10^13); 2; 1). Doesn't work, gives ",".


Does anyone know a trick?


Thank You very much!


Christian Bredlow