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How can I filter a specific number from a range of numbers?

Question asked by andyball on Jan 27, 2013
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Hi all, this is my first post so hopefully it will be the beginning of a long lasting relationship!


Here's my problem:


I have a number of tasks that are conducted throughout the year, some are weekly, some monthly etc.


I want the weekly tasks to pop up on a to do list at the start of each week.


Here's how my head works:


1. I can allocate the task a week number and filter for each week (1 to 52). I would need to copy the task 52 times and number each one 1 - 52.

2. I put in some script to say if task = 52 then produce each week.

3. I put in a script that will repeat the task every Monday throughout the year.


Can anyone help (even I realise option one is not good!!)


Thanks in anticipation