Moving records from a local FM table to a MySQL table using ODBC

Discussion created by pedantic on Jan 25, 2013
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Hello all:


I am working on a Mac using FM11.


I have been tasked with updating a system to move data from a local Filemaker 11 table to a MySQL table on the MySQL server. I thought that the problem would be fairly simple. All I needed to do was install an ODBC driver from Actual Technologies and then drop a TO on the relationship table, "connect the dots" (i.e. establish a relationship between the tables) and then I could treat the MySQL table as just another Filemaker table. At least that's what the documentation seemed to indicate.


I had intended to use an Import command to move the records from the Filemaker table to the MySQL table. I can use Set Field commands to set values in the MySQL table, but the Import command does not seem to want to work. This is what I have done:


In the Manage External Data Sources dialog I have added a line item, calling its Type, "ODBC" and associating the DSN with what was created in the ODBC manager. The schema name is correct as is the table name in the MySQL schema. User name and password are saved in the appropriate fields.


On the relationship graph I have dropped a TO pointing to the MySQL table. In the relationship I clicked the "Allow creation of records, etc." in the MySQL TO.


In the script I inserted the Import Records command. The source is the Filemaker table, the destination is the MySQL TO. As I was having trouble I reduced the number of fields being imported to one, and both the source field and the destination field are text fields. Under "Import Action" I have clicked the "Add new records" radio button. The "Arrange by" dropdown is set to "last order."


I get the sense that I am either doing something very foolish or there is some obscure detail that I have not figured out yet about how to make this work.


Can anyone help?