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Modifying Invoice Starter solution

Question asked by ericjlawson on Jan 27, 2013
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I am modifying the Invoice starter solution and am having a couple of minor issues with the Invoice Line portal on the Customer Details layout.


Firstly, I have added a new attribute to the Invoice table and needed to modify the portal row sizes. This works fine but when I move the transparent button that allows the user to navigate to the Invoice Details layout, it breaks the functionality for all but the 1st invoice row in the portal. The little 'graphic' that sits to the far left side of the portal row data does not appear.


I think I am causing this 'detachment' by moving the button out of the way of the portal row attributes so I can resize them. I move the button back into place, but this doesnt rectify the problem.


I have examined all elements of the button in the inspector and examed all elements of the portal and button script. I have compared it to a new copy of the Invoice Starter solution but cant work it out.


Also, the little graphic doesnt seem to be selectable or have any properties. Its a rectangle containing a horizontal line and two coloured squares. As David Bryne sang, "how did I get here?". I have tried creating new buttons, even using the same "go to related record" script action, but I cant seem to determine how this graphic element is deployed.


So, in summary, two issues


  1. How am I breaking the "go to related record" script action button when I move it and how do I fix it
  2. How did the graphic get into this button


Thanks in advance