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    Having Count() = 0??


      How does one find the records from table 1 that have a count of 0 in table two?

      I used this sql statement:



      SELECT k.FirstLastName

      FROM A_KIPPsters AS k

      JOIN BehaviorTable AS b

      ON k.Apk_StudentID = b.fk_StudentID

      WHERE k.GradeNo = ?

      AND b.EventType LIKE ?

      And b.SchoolYear = ?

      AND b.MarkingPeriod = ?

      GROUP BY k.FirstLastName, k.LastName

      HAVING COUNT(b.EventType) = 1

      ORDER BY k.LastName";"";"";5;"%CP";2012;2)


      I'm sure people will find better ways to do this, and I welcome those, but I wonder why the HAVING COUNT(b.EventType) = 0 doesn't work. Is it because this there is nothing returned?


      How do you find a count of 0 from table 2