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Server 10 Admin Console Java message it has been updated Radio Button not available

Question asked by rmastrio on Jan 28, 2013

I am using FileMaker Server on a Windows 2003 r2 server.When I try to launch the Admin Console from a Windows 7 64bit computer using either the 32bit or 64bit web browser I receive the The FileMaker Server Administration Console requires Java 5 or later. I have installed both Java Updates to Ver 7 Update 11 on my computer and tried both browsers without success.


If I remote to the server itself it's 32bit and launch the we browser I can use http://localhost:16000 of http://ServerAddress:16000and the Start Admin Console radio button appears and opens the console correctly. I also tested using a 32bit laptop running Windows XP Professional and the console runs correctly.


Any Ideas would be appreciated.