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    FMSA 12, container fields storage


      We are currently runnig fmsa11 and fmsa12. Our files are still hosted on 11. We'd like to move to 12 to better manage docs and images in containers.


      the fm12 server is running on a virtual win 2008 server with a C and D drive. The server is set up with the files to be on the D drive by default and the app on C.


      Can we have the containers stored on the D? If space becomes an issue, can we have the conainers stored on another drive (Say E)?





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          Martin --


          If you are planning on using the 'managed container' field option in FM12,


          >Can we have the containers stored on the D?


          Yes, so long as you  use the 'additional databases folder' option in FMServer and put your databases AND your images on the D drive.


          >If space becomes an issue, can we have the conainers stored on another drive (Say E)?


          Not really.  As implied above, the databases and the images need to be on the same drive.


          Try to think of managed containers as allowing FMServer to store, backup, and present the container data as part of the original database to which it belongs.  If containers are part of the database, then they need to be on the same drive, even inside a subfolder named after the database itself.  That's what managed containers do automatically on FMServer.


          You have a few more options on FMPro, but then you lose everything FMServer provides...


          You can also continue to use the 'Store as Reference' option for a container field (same as versions 7-11), which gives you more flexibility in path specification, but also the responsibility to move, backup, and make network paths available to client machines.


          -- Drew Tenenholz

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            My IT guy tells me that we can add capacity to D without nuking it.  I assume we could halt the server copy the data, ratchet up the size of the D drive, and essentially paste the data back to the larger D.


            We currently use Referenced fields but it is a bit of a pain when folders move or users override the options on storage by embedding rather than Referencing.

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              I have spent a fair amount of time experimenting with the using external storage features in FM12.




              It has turned out to be one of the most frustrating features I have dealt with in Filemaker.  So much promise, so little delivered.




              It works nicely with photos.  However the display of other types of documents is totally unacceptable in my opinion..




              Using referenced paths the end users can inspect a document by double clicking on it.




              I have not been able to achieve this functionality in FM12 using external storage. For many documents, the only way for the end user to view them is to export the container contents to location on their hard drive so the native application can open it.  Too difficult for users just want to look at the contents and can leave a lot of material laying around on Users hard drives.




              My whole experience with this has been very disappointing and I would not recommend using FMP12 external storage to any of my clients at this point.




              I would recommend setting up a test environment to see if it will achieve the functionality your users require before jumping into external storage.




              Hopefully the Filemaker team deliver a working solution in the next version.


              Best Wishes




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