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    PHP Editor


      I have not developed custom web pages since filemaker version 5.5. When I was using version 5.5 there was a product that I purchased that gave me all the CDML links for the content at that time. Is there a product out there that works with a PHP editor that links in well with the filemaker version 12 advanced server for PHP editing?

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          If you have Dreamweaver, take a look at the FMStudio(Pro) plugin by FMWebSchool. It seems that you may get quite a quick start with it. Because I haven't worked with this product, others may chime in with their experiences about it.


          I'm using a different approach:


          • Eclipse for the raw PHP programming.
          • Smarty PHP template engine for separation of PHP and HTML code. Smarty templates are quite similar to the old-but-good CDML pages: HTML code interspersed with {something, e.g. variable, branch or loop} tags.
          • YUI Library for all the dynamic and fancy AJAX, JavaScript and CSS stuff.
          • Processing for advanced, HTML5-Canvas visualizations. Comes with its own IDE.
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            Thank you that is what I was looking for.